Description of selected applets

Displays events from calendar with advance, which can be configured in applet's settings. There's a possibility of displaying calendar events for other system's users.

After choosing the target project in settings, the applet will balance hours worked with hours planned in the work scope.

Displays projects according to previously set filters. We can display projects by statuses, functional persons. We can prepare this applet for accouting department, filtering projects that are finished but without final invoice issued.

Allows us to control abnormalities in clocking times registered in the system or via mobile app. In applet settings we have many options at our disposal. We can choose specific project, employee or time frame.

This window allows us to control stock levels for materials that material requirements were issued for. There's a possibility of picking up a material group we'd like to observe. To do so, we need to go to applet settings and configure “Category” field.

Displays list of issues submitted during works on building site. Issues may be submitted via main system or mobile app. Applet settings allows us to set up filters on project, department or functional person.