The E-mail tab is used to display e-mail correspondence related to the current record.

To archive the e-mail, click the orange button . We will be moved to the Email Queue. Then, by clicking the button at the height of the selected message, we open the archiving form.

The “record type” and “Select a record” fields have been completed automatically due to the fact that we are currently in the CRM \ Companies module. If there is a need to change, these values can be changed to other ones, but the email will not be archived to the current record.

Special field on the form:

  • Restrict to roles - The control allows you to limit the visibility of the note to users with selected roles in the system.

To add an e-mail to the archive, click the button

To attach a message that is already in the archive, click the button button, a list of messages will appear from which we will indicate the target message to be assigned.

In order to assign a list directly from the “E-mails” tab, use the button on the right, next to the target message. Note that in order to attach a message to a record, it must be in the archive.

ATTENTION ! The e-mail functions require correct configuration in the system settings. More information on the settings can be found here.