The system allows you to add notes to records. The tab is in the record preview view.

To add a new note, go to the “Notes” tab and use the green action button . We will provide you with a form in which you must complete the required fields together with others, if necessary.

Special fields on the form:

  • Sticky - When the light is on, the current note will be displayed at the top of the note list.
  • Files - Allows you to add attachments.
  • Category - The control allows you to categorize records and limit visibility for users with selected roles in the system. The field is visible only when any categories have been defined for the type of record to which we want to attach the note.
  • Permissions - Grants the rights of the currently created company to other users of the software:
    • Public - Anyone can edit, delete or view
    • Public, Read Only - Anyone Can View
    • Private - visible only to the author of the record

The following screenshot shows the Notes List view. Note that Notes with the “sticky” option turned on are queued at the top of the list. Apart from that, we have a favorite column and other functions described here.