Browse events

The event overview is a place in the system that allows you to view the history of events related to the recording of employees and subcontractors' working time. At this level of the data view, we can also add new events related to the implementation of projects. On the list, we receive direct information informing about:

  • Date
  • Employee or subcontractor
  • Project
  • True start
  • True end
  • True start distance
  • True end distance

The data is displayed on a list that can be freely filtered using the filters available in the upper left corner. You can filter by:

  • Dates
  • Missing data related to the start of work
  • Distance match
  • Worker's
  • Subcontractors
  • Project

  • Start - date and time of commencement of work by the employee or subcontractor
  • End - date and time of completion of the work by the employee or subcontractor
  • Lunch break - allows you to set the time in minutes that can be used for a breakfast break
  • Project - assigns an employee to the indicated project. The field can be filled automatically based on the selection in the previous form
  • Subcontractor - when the contractor is a company, switch the slider to “YES”. The form will be extended with additional fields:
    • Subcontractor company
    • Subcontractor foreman
    • Planned number of subcontractor's employees
    • Note
  • Employee - assigns an employee to perform tasks within the time period specified above
  • Note - additional information