Scheduler Calendar

The work calendar is a tool for graphical presentation of resources assigned to tasks during project implementation. The days in which the employees available in the company were not used are marked in red. The assigned resources are marked in green. The module is accessed by selecting “Work calendar” from the “Construction / Planer” menu. The view has been divided into several tabs described below.

It allows you to select a target project, add or display employees or subcontractors assigned to an indicated project. In order to perform such an assignment, select the target project and then click and then on the selected day of the week at the line “New interval”. A new assignment form will be displayed along with the fields:

  • Start - date and time of commencement of work by the employee or subcontractor
  • End - date and time of completion of the work by the employee or subcontractor
  • Lunch break - allows you to set the time in minutes that can be used for a breakfast break
  • Project - assigns an employee to the indicated project. The field can be filled automatically based on the selection in the previous form
  • Subcontractor - when the contractor is a company, switch the slider to “YES”. The form will be extended with additional fields:
    • Subcontractor company
    • Subcontractor foreman
    • Planned number of subcontractor employees
    • Note
  • Employee - assigns an employee to perform tasks within the time period specified above
  • Note - additional information

After approving the form, we will receive a graphic presentation of the entered data. If there is a need to re-edit. Just click on the selected position on the calendar.

In this section, the priority of displaying information on the calendar is the data related to the indicated employee or subcontractor. After selecting the employee from the drop-down list, we will receive information about the planned, ongoing days off. At the same time, the projects to which the employee was assigned are visible along with the time interval. From this view, you can add an additional assignment, e.g. to another project, or indicate employee days off. By clicking on the “Days off” line, a form for adding holidays will be displayed, the functionality of which is described here