Create a new project

The “Construction” module stores orders for execution in the form of projects. The system allows you to monitor the status of the project along with its percentage of completion, scope of work, etc. It also allows you to assign functions to employees, determine costs and materials for the implementation of orders. In addition, it is possible to specify implementation dates at individual stages (start, restart, completion, site audit, etc.)

The list of projects is available from the “Construction” and “Projects” menu levels. Adding a new item is normally done by clicking the button.

Required fields are marked with a red asterisk next to the field label. The system may also require completing the remaining fields in accordance with the set status. For this purpose, an appropriate message will be displayed on the form.

The General tab stores basic information about the project. The following fields are available:


All fields that may appear on the form are listed below. The display of fields depends on the current status of the project!

  • Project name - name of the project
  • Bid no - registration number of the offer
  • Accounting order - internal number for posting the costs of the order
  • Project type - indicates the type of order to be performed. If the project is to be implemented for a company, we indicate “Commercial”, if for a private person we indicate “Private”. Depending on the selected option, the system provides additional fields:
    • Company - a field enabling the indication of a business customer
    • Contact - a field enabling the indicated private customer
  • Job type - a drop-down list field from which the type of work carried out in the project is indicated:
    • Construction
    • Renovation
    • Extension
    • Maintenance
  • Status - the current status of the project. Read-only field.
  • Estimator - specifies the employee responsible for the project valuation
  • Project manager - specifies the person responsible for the project implementation
  • Address of the project 1 and 2, City, Country, Region, Postal code - address fields indicating the place of the project implementation
  • Start date - work commencement date
  • Restart date - the date when the works will be restarted when they are suspended
  • Estimated end date - specifies the date on which the works specified in the project are planned to be completed
  • Project renewal date - project renewal date
  • Division - drop-down list field from which the department servicing the project should be sentenced. By default, there are:
    • Administrative
    • Painting
    • Flooring
  • Priority - the field allows you to define the priority of the project implementation:
    • Short
    • Medium
    • Tall
    • Very tall

* Percentage of completion - read-only field, informs about the progress of the work performed

  • Description - additional project description

The “Offer” tab contains information on the deadlines for submitting offers, the date of receipt of the executive documentation, audit of the project site and the date of awarding the general contractor. Each time the slider is switched to “Yes”, the fields on the form are expanded:

  • Bid invitation received
    • Date - specifies the date of the invitation
    • Bid due date - indicates the date of the bidding
  • Drawings received
    • Date - date of receipt of documentation
  • Offer sent - when the offer has been sent, the fields are set to “YES”. In this way, the system will provide additional fields:
    • Offer amount - amount on the submitted offer
    • Post date
  • Walk true
    • Date - date and time of the project implementation site audit
  • Proposal to accounting
  • Bid awarded to GC (general contractor)
    • Date - date of grant
  • Time and material
  • Equipment Est. Cost
  • Other costs
  • Misc Est. Man Days

Scope of work

The section allows you to add detailed information related to the works carried out on the construction site. It is available in the project edition form, depending on the current status.

To create a new scope of work, click the button The form will be extended with additional fields:

  • Scope of work - a drop-down list that allows you to select the type of work to be performed. The elements of this list can be freely changed. To do this, go to the “Admin” and “Build” menus. By selecting the “Work ranges” item, the current list of possible options will be displayed. Please note that access to the settings level depends on the rights assigned to the currently logged in user.
  • Est. man days - number of working days intended for the execution of works
  • Est. Labor
  • Est. material

The tab contains detailed information:

  • Submittal package sent - the switch set to “YES” confirms sending the documentation to the general contractor
  • MSDS Product Data
  • Samples ordered
  • Samples received
  • Samples sent
  • Samples approved
  • Project supervision - a selection list field where you can indicate a person supervising the project.
  • Foreman - allows you to add or selects a foreman
  • Insurance certificate required - sets the status according to the field label
  • Work of GW - switch in the “YES” position informs the system that the project is subordinated to the general contractor. Extends the form with new fields:
    • Project number of the general contractor
    • GC estimator - a field enabling the indication of the person responsible for the cost estimate on the part of the general contractor
    • GW project manager - allows you to select a person responsible for the implementation of the general contractor's project
    • GC inspector - allows you to add an inspector general contractor

The tab allows you to register information and accounting statuses of the project through the following fields on the form:

  • Contract amount - project implementation amount
  • Billed in full - a switch that changes the status of the final invoice. By selecting “YES”, the form will be extended with a field for entering the date of the event
  • Paid in full - status of invoice payment. By selecting “YES”, the form will be extended with a field for entering the date of the event
  • Profit or loss - it is used to define profits or losses on the executed project