Project status change

The system allows you to change the status of projects registered in the system. By default, each new project is assigned the “Invitation to bid received” status. To open the status change wizard, go to the project list and click on the selected row in the “Project status” column. The status change wizard will appear on the screen, divided into 2 steps described below.

Stage I is selecting a new status for the project. We have at our disposal a simple form specifying in turn:

  • Current project status
  • New status - the status to which it should be changed. The system automatically suggests the next status, taking into account the positive path of the project statuses.
  • Note - note that allows you to add detailed information related to the change of status

In order to approve the current form, press the button. The system will take us to the next stage of status change.

Stage II is the update or supplementation of missing data required to change the status of the project. At this stage, a form is displayed with fields whose display depends on several factors

  1. Required fields - the system will not allow you to change the status if the required fields are not completed
  2. Visible optional fields - visible optional fields are fields that can be completed by the user. If they are completed in the previous status and are not required in the current status, they will be hidden by the system.
  3. Hidden fields - fields which display in their current status is not needed

In addition to the fields marked as required, the system may require filling in the remaining fields, informing the user with an appropriate message displayed within the field.

To confirm and finish work with the status change wizard, press: . If the fields have been filled in correctly, the system will redirect you to the list of projects.