Overview of funtions

- These buttons allow us to choose time frames that will be displayed on calendar.

- They switch calendar backwards or forward according to set time frame.

- Switches view to today.

- Deletes element from calendar.

- Refreshes data and updates displayed information.

- Enables events filtering on calendar.

Adding new CRM entry

Calendar displays tasks, phones, meetings and planned visits in form of colored flashcards in the day in which they are to be realized. To add a new entry, click on empty calendar field and choose type of event you like to plan. Next fill up a form and accept with “Submit” button.

Moving events on calendar takes place by the “drag and drop” method. Doing so you can easily change event's time without entering record's edition. Meeting duration can be easily fitted to our needs. To do so we catch upper or lower edge of window and then slide it to correct space.