Adding a new company

The company module is in the main menu in the CRM category. To go to the module, first click on the category and then: Companies.

To add a new company, click on the “New” button in the upper right corner. The software will redirect you to a form where you can enter information about the new company. The location of the button for adding a new record is shown in the screenshot below.

In the form, complete the fields describing the newly added company, i.e. company name, Address or telephone number. Remember that the fields marked with a red asterisk should be completed. This is a condition for the correct completion of the form and its entry into the database.

In addition to the standard fields, there are also special fields on the form:

  • Groups - Allows you to assign a company to a group. The dictionary of company groups can be edited in the administrative settings of the CRM module. Each company can be assigned to several groups.
  • Permissions - Grants the rights of the currently created company to other users of the software:
    • Public - Anyone can edit, delete or view
    • Public, Read Only - Anyone Can View
    • Private - visible only to the author of the record

To confirm all entered information and send it to the database, press the button located in the lower right corner of the screen.