Adding a new task

The task module is available from the main menu. We go to it by clicking on the “CRM” category and then “Tasks”.

In the form on the screen, the required fields are marked with a red whistle. The others are replenished as needed. The function fields are described below:

  • Add due date - the switch allows you to inform the system about the date and time of completion of the currently created or edited task
  • Deadline - the field is available after the “Add date” field is attached. This is where we specify the end date for the task.
  • End time - the field is available after adding the “Add date” field. This is the place where we specify the end time of the task.
  • Status - allows you to set the current status of the task:
    • Open
    • In progress
    • Paused
    • Closed
    • Canceled
  • Priority - determines the priority of the task: low, medium or high
  • Employees - these are multiple-choice fields where employees who are participants or associated with the task are indicated
  • * Project - in this field you can indicate the project to which the task relates
  • Customers - a field in which you define customers participating or related to the task
  • Description - additional description of the task
  • Permissions - Grants job permissions to other system users:
    • Public - Anyone can edit, delete or view
    • Public, Read Only - Anyone Can View
    • Private - visible only to the author of the record

To add an employee to a task, he must be correctly added to the system, otherwise he will not be visible in the list of employees in the current form. In order to add an employee, go to the “Employees” field. We have the associated fields at our disposal. Available employees are displayed on the left. On the right, only those indicated in the above-mentioned list.

  • Filter - used to filter the list below - you should start writing text in the field. The list of available employees will be filtered according to the entered phrase
  • Add all button - - after clicking, all items from the list will be added, taking into account the previously specified filter

To select an employee selectively, it is enough to click on the selected item of the list. It will be moved to the right side.

Adding an item in the “Customers” or “Project” field is done by entering the required phrase in the field. The system will automatically suggest possible options. To confirm your choice, just click on the desired item. The “Customers” field is a multiple-choice field, while only one item can be selected in the “Project” field.