Applets and how to use them

Contractors.es dashboard is a place, where user's most important information are being condensed. It takes place thanks to the applets responsible for showing information, accordingly to their configuration. There's a possibility of giving an applet a name and colour distinguishing it from other applets. Each applet can be moved to any place on the dashboard, grabbing by upper part of an applet and sliding it to desirable place. Thanks to that we can segregate them accordingly to our informative needs.

- For an user with administrative rights, allows to edit other users' dashboard sets. It also makes possible to configure default dashboards for given group of users. Each next user assigned to such a group, will get initially configured set of applets on his own dashboard. Ready-made sets have been configured in the system, it's possible to freely change and modify them.

- Allows to add new applet to the dashboard. Shows list of applets after clicking on it.

- Moves to record list with having previously set filters on.

- Displays applet's configuration.

- Minimizes (makes smaller) applet window and hides information displayed in it.

- Removes an applet from the dashboard.