Adding vacation or other employee days off

In order to add an employee absenteeism, go to the “Holidays” module in the main menu on the left, then click on “Holidays and days off” and click the “New” button.

In the form on the screen, we see the following fields to be completed:

  • Start - start date of the absence
  • End - end date of the absence
  • Type - type of absenteeism of the employee:
    • scheduled vacation
    • leave on request
    • disease
    • no orders in the company (unpaid leave)
    • did not show up at work
  • Employee - Selection of the employee to whom the day off applies
  • Status - specifies the status of the requested vacation period for the employee:
    • New - adds a new status not yet established by the superior
    • Approved - approved by the superior
    • No consent - no consent was given by the supervisor
    • Canceled - canceled by the supervisor
  • Note - field for adding notes

With the permissions set by default, days off can be added by any office worker or by a construction worker for himself - in this case, it must be approved by an HR employee.

In the system settings, it is possible to define the number of days paid by the employer per year for specific types of days off. Each employee additionally has the option to override these settings in his contact by an HR employee.