Equipment categories

We add equipment categories in the administration panel. The possibility of adding them depends on the authorizations of the currently logged in user in the system.

To go to the category adding panel, click on “Admin” in the menu on the left, then “Warehouse” and “Equipment categories.”

To add a new category, click . In this way, we obtain a form to be completed with the following fields:

  • Category name - the name of the category to which the equipment elements will be assigned: e.g. excavators, compactors, concrete mixers, etc.
  • Cost per Unit - This is the rate that specifies the labor cost of the piece of equipment for a single unit specified in the Unit field. Please note that all equipment items in this category will be calculated according to the completed values.
  • Unit - The unit in which the labor cost for equipment belonging to the category is determined


Category Excavators and loaders . The cost of the work is 150 USD/h. When creating a category, we give similarly:

  • Cost per unit: 300
  • Unit: h