Equipment extend requests

If there is a need to change the date of return of the rented equipment, the system allows you to add a new date of return and record the fact in the database. The “Deferment of return” module is used for this, available in the menu on the left.

The form of creating a deferment of return is available after pressing the

Available fields to be completed:

  • Equipment rental - please indicate the equipment to which the deferment of return applies
  • New estimated return date - new date of return

If an application for a deferment of equipment return has been submitted in the system, it should be approved or rejected by an authorized person. This is done in the “Status” column in the return deferment list. To approve or reject the application, click “pending”, thus going to the status change form.

Fields on the form:

  • Equipment - read-only field. Indicates the name of the equipment for which the return deferment applies
  • New Estimated Return Date - new date of return
  • Status - approves or rejects the application by selecting:
    • confirmed
    • disapproved
  • Note - allows you to add notes and additional information