New Equipment item

The list of equipment is a warehouse that stores the names of the equipment that is provided by the company. The list can be displayed by clicking in the menu on the left side of the screen: “Equipment”, “Equipment list”

When you click the button, you receive a form for adding a new equipment record, along with the fields (required fields are marked with a red asterisk):

  • Asset ID - a unique string of characters: letters and numbers identifying equipment in the system
  • Equipment name - Name of the added equipment
  • Serial No - hardware serial number
  • Warehouse Location - specifies the storage location in the equipment warehouse
  • Purchase price - the amount for which the equipment was purchased
  • Purchase date - date of purchase of the equipment
  • Invoice number - purchase document number
  • Category - assigns equipment to a specific category. Categories are added in the administration panel - permissions are required.
  • Requires servicing - a switch informs the system that the equipment must be serviced with a specified service interval.
  • Service interval - the interval after which the device service should be performed - the field is available when the “Service requires” switch is in the on position
  • Total units used on the purchase - initial meter reading for the equipment.
  • Memo - this field allows you to add notes