Equipment pick ups

The equipment pick ups list stores the equipment acceptance reports, which it is not able to provide independently. In order to add a collection order to the system, go to the equipment acceptance register in the menu on the left under the name: “Equipment acceptance”. By clicking on the button, the following form will appear on the screen:

  • Equipment Rental - the field indicates the rented equipment that must be picked up
  • Date - date of receipt

By clicking , the equipment collection order will be added to the system.

Each registered equipment pick-up order should be marked as received by the target employee. To make such a report, go to the list of equipment collection orders. We open the equipment collection form by clicking on “Pick up” in the “Pickup Date” column or “No” in the “Received” column.

  • Equipment name - read-only field, specifies the equipment to which the collection order relates
  • Date of pick up - pickup date
  • Picked up by employee - indicates the employee who made the collection
  • Return to warehouse - If the equipment is physically returned to warehouse - the switch must be set to “YES”, otherwise to the “NO” position.

After the form is approved, the system sets the collection order as “Received”.

You can view all pickup requests, or those marked as received or pending. The filters available in the upper left corner of the list of equipment collection orders are used for this.