Equipment rental

The rental register is a module that stores information about equipment rented by employees. To go to the module, click on “Equipment list” in the menu on the left, and then “Rental register”.

To register in the equipment rental system, click the button. Then complete the form according to reality.

We have the following fields at our disposal:

  • External rental - a switch informing the system about the fact of renting equipment from an external company. After setting it to “YES”, additional fields are available:
    • Rented Equipment No
    • Rented Equipment Description
    • Rental Vendor
    • Rental Cost
    • Rental Cost Interval
  • Equipment - a drop-down list field in which we indicate the equipment available in the system. If the selected item is not available, check whether it has been added to the list of equipment or is not currently being serviced.
  • Date - specifies the date of rental
  • Employee - assigns an employee who rents equipment
  • Assign - a switch that allows you to assign the current equipment rental to a client or project
  • Estimated Return Date - Approximate date equipment will be returned to storage
  • Return date - specifies the day on which the equipment was returned.

The system allows you to rent multiple devices at once. Use the yellow button “Spend several items at once” available in the list view in the rental register.

By clicking the above-mentioned button, you will receive a form with fields as when adding a single rental. The “Equipment” field has the ability to indicate many devices currently rented. Click “Send” to confirm.

Equipment Return

The report informing about the return of the equipment should be made each time the equipment is returned to the warehouse by an employee. Thanks to this, the data of available equipment in the system will always be up-to-date.

To submit a report on the return of equipment, go to the List of equipment by clicking on the menu on the left. Then click on “Identifier” or “Equipment name”, thanks to which we will be transferred to the detailed view of the record. In the “Rentals” tab, items with the rental history of the selected equipment item are visible. In order to confirm the return to the warehouse, click “return” in the column “ Date of return.

We will be redirected to the equipment return form in which you must complete the following fields:

  • Return date - equipment return date
  • Usage counter gives - a switch informing the system about the type of the supplied counter
    • total - we give the full meter reading
    • part - we provide the mileage of the meter from the moment of rental
  • Usage counter - usage counter value given according to the setting in the above field
  • Device returned in the same condition - If the equipment has been damaged, switch to “No”.
    • What is damaged - description of what the damage concerns
    • Photos of damage - allows you to add photos documenting damage to the equipment
  • Note - this field allows you to add notes to the return report

Return Equipment from Rental Register Entry

In order to inform the system about the return of equipment from the equipment register items, go to the “Rental register” by clicking on the menu item on the left. In this way, we will receive a list of borrowed and returned to the warehouse items of equipment. In order to find the required item, use the “in use” filter, which we will go to by clicking the “Filter” button.

If we know the exact name of the rented device, we can apply more precise filtering of the list. Use the button. In the displayed form, for example, fill in the “Equipment” field - select the item you are interested in and complete the other filter fields as needed. Then click the “search” button.

The list will be filtered according to the entered data. In order to confirm the return to the warehouse, click on “return” in the “Date of return” column. We will be redirected to the equipment return form in which the fields should be completed in the same way as in the case of returning equipment from the equipment list.