Equipment requests

The system enables reporting the demand for the equipment required to perform the entrusted tasks. The module “Equipment requests” is used for this. Reports may concern both the equipment available in the warehouse and the equipment that must be purchased or rented from an external company. To add a hardware requirement, go to the “Hardware requirements” module by clicking the appropriate item in the menu on the left. By clicking the button in the list view, the following form will appear on the screen:

Available fields:

  • Equipment name - enter in the field any name of the equipment for which we place a hardware demand
  • Date Needed - the date of commencement of work with the equipment requested
  • Assign - a switch that allows you to assign hardware requirements to a project or client
  • Est. Return Date - date put into storage
  • Reported By Employee - the field specifies an employee submitting a hardware requirement

When the purchase or rental of equipment is carried out based on the hardware demand, you can proceed to the release of the device. In the case of purchasing such equipment, the condition for the correct process is adding such equipment to the list of equipment.

To go to the device release form, on the list of hardware requirements, click the “Equipment demand - equipment release” field in the “Applies to equipment” column at the level of the selected item.

  • Equipment name - name of the equipment requested by the employee
  • External Rental - a switch which determines the origin of the equipment. In the case of borrowing from an external company, set to “YES”. This way we get additional fields:
    • rented equipment no
    • rented equipment description
    • rental vendor
    • rental cost
    • rental cost interval
  • Equipment - specifies the equipment available in the system, indicating the equipment required by the employee. The field is unavailable when the switch “Rental from an external company” is set to “YES”.
  • Date - date of receipt of the equipment
  • Est. Return Date - initial date of return to warehouse