Defining contact groups and companies

The definition of groups for contacts and companies is an important step when starting work in the system. This will allow you to add the company or contact correctly in the next steps. This functionality can be found in the administration menu, in the CRM tab.

Adding is done by standard button . In the window that appears, enter the name of the group and then confirm with the “Send” button at the bottom of the displayed window.

The system has default groups for contacts and companies. The system allows you to rename them and add new items. You can skip this step if you find that the default records are sufficient.

Examples of company groups: Customer, Vendor, Subcontractor

Examples of contact groups: Office Employee, Estimator, Project manager, Foreman, Manager

  • In the list of contact groups, the “Contacts” column informs us about the number of contacts assigned to a given group.
  • System permissions are assigned to selected contact groups.
  • It is possible to activate a filter for Contact groups - this is indicated in the Filter column. Groups with the “Filter” option turned on will be able to take part in filtering against their names in other application modules.