Creating system users

System user records are associated with contacts, so it is important that at this stage the necessary records already exist in the system:

  1. Contacts have been added, available in the “CRM / Contacts” tab. The process of adding contacts is described in here.
  2. User roles were verified - this stage was described here.

The panel with the list of system users is in the “Admin”, “Users and permissions” and “Users” menu.

Adding is done by standard button: . On the displayed form, complete the available fields:

  • Username -short name that will be used by the user to log into the system
  • Name - Name visible to users
  • Avatar - Allows you to insert your own user image
  • Password, Repeat password - User password to the system
  • Roles - Assigns authorizations - an item should be selected as required for the user being created
  • Email - user's email address
  • Contact - indicates a previously added contact from the CRM module

  • One user can be assigned to a contact
  • Use more complicated passwords, using special characters like:!, @, #, & And numbers or uppercase, lowercase letters.