Working hours and days off

Working time is required for the proper functioning of the construction planner. This configuration is set in the “Admin” and “Scheduler settings” menu

Configurations available:

  • Calendar timeline range - Hourly range of the calendar on the calendar
  • Default work hours - the range of working hours on particular days
  • Lunch break
  • Distance warning - distance after exceeding the notice, warning about moving away from the project site
  • Clock in/out time mismatch warning threshold - time margins in minutes, after which the system sends a warning about the situation.
  • Notifications time - Time of sending notifications during the day.

Days off settings are located in the menu “Admin”, “Days off settings”. The system is using default settings here. It should be verified, if those settings need to be adjusted, according to the law in the country.

Configurations available:

  • Import country holidays - When enabled, the system will automatically download national holidays and mark holidays on the calendar.
  • Choose weekend days off work - these days will be deducted from vacations
  • Country holidays are payable on the following days - when the days are payable in the case of public holidays
  • Personal days are part of vacation days
  • Allow to exceed the available vacation days - allows a block on the limited application / granting of vacation days in case of their shortage.
  • Default vacation days per year
  • Default sick days per year
  • Accumulate sick days up to employee sick days per year - the system will analyze whether the number of sick days has not been exceeded. So it will generate an appropriate prompt.
  • Default personal days per year
  • Accumulate personal days up to employee personal days per year - analogically to the accumulation of sick days