Define material and equipment categories

The categories of materials and equipment will be needed when working with the warehouse module later. These records can be added in the administration panel by going to the following menu: “Admin”, “Warehouse”, “Material categories”.

  • Rods
  • Flat bars
  • Sheets
  • Profiles
  • Hand tools
  • Backhoe loader
  • Tool kits
  • Heavy goods vehicles
  • Compactors

The form for adding a new equipment category, unlike the material category form, has additional fields to be completed. These are:

  • Cost per unit - determines the cost of work for the indicated unit. For example, the device's working time can be set up as an hour, and the cost of an hour of it's work will be 200$. Each device assigned to this category will be counted by the system based on the agreed rate per unit.
  • Unit - defines the unit of measure for the operating costs of the device.