Basic System Configuration

The basic configuration includes system global settings, available in the Admin / General settings menu. Only users with administrative privileges have access to this menu section. Most of the parameters are set up automatically by the system, taking into account the current location of the company. However, in some cases you may need to make minor changes. Description of selected configuration options is shown below.

- Logo - allows you to set a company logo that will be displayed in the system (e.g. when logging in)

- Header displayed on login screen - content that appears on the users login screen

- Default country, Default state, Timezone - set automatically, it is worth verifying the values set by the system. Missing information should be completed

- Default currency - the currency that will be set in the currency fields as the first choice

- System of measurement - Default unit system: metric or imperial

- CRM: Calendar - timeline range - range of hours available in the CRM calendar

- CRM: Calendar - slot duration - minimum time range visible on the CRM calendar

- CRM: Calendar - work hours

- Main company - the company that uses the system