Basic functionality

The record list view appears after clicking on the menu item on the left side. For most of them, the functionality will be identical. The number of available columns depends on the size of the screen on which we view the data. For an example, for mobile phones it will be two or three columns, for desktops and laptops it'll be 6 and more.

Each list of records has buttons in the upper right part of the screen that allow you to:

  • Create a new record in the list,
  • Export data to CSV format,

The visibility of the action buttons depends on the rights of the user currently logged in to the system.

  • Blue - preview the record - detailed view, there may be additional options depending on the type of module in which it is currently located
  • Orange - editing the record
  • Red - deletes the selected record

To view a selected record, click on its name or the blue action button on the right.

ATTENTION ! Access to this data depends on the rights of the user who is currently logged in.

Red buttons are used to remove data from the system. They are available both in the record details and in a list in the data table.

Deleting multiple records

To delete multiple records at once, select them by ticking in the first column on the left. Then select “Batch Delete” from the drop-down list above the column

The selected records can be added to the favorites list. Thanks to that we will have easy access to the most frequently used items. To add the selected row to them, click on the switch in the Favorites column (see screenshot below). The record will be available in the “Favorites” section - available in the main menu.

You can filter directly from the records table view. To do this, click on the icon next to the column header. Depending on the type of data in the column, we will be able to enter text, numbers, select from a drop-down list or indicate the date or time. To turn off active filters press

Sorting from A-Z or Z-A can be done by clicking the icon next to the column header.

To expand the list of quick filters, click the down arrow button, it's location is shown on the screenshot below. We can filter the data according to the ones in the basket, show only the items added to the favorites or sort according to the recently viewed and viewed in the time interval: 7 days, 3 days, 24 hours.

To filter the list according to available fields, click the blue button with the word “Filter”. The form will be expanded with the fields to be completed. Please note that the list of available fields may change for each other module. After filling in the required information, click “Search”. The data list will be filtered according to the criteria set.