Inventory list

Inventory is a module that stores the current stocks of materials and their location in the warehouse. It also allows you to assign a minimum stock in order to avoid a complete lack of materials in stock and thus avoid unnecessary downtime by employees.

To go to the material warehouse, click “Materials in the menu on the left side of the screen. A list will be displayed. To add a new item, click . A new material form will be displayed.

Available fields:

  • Inventory name - material name added to the system
  • Barcode - a string of characters that will represent the material on the barcode label
  • Storage location - determines the storage location in the warehouse
  • Minimum Threshold - sets the minimum state, thanks to which the system will inform the user accordingly when it is exceeded.
  • Quantity unit - unit in which the quantity is expressed: e.g. kilogram, running meter, etc.
  • Category - indicates the category to which the material is assigned. Categories are created within the administrative settings.
  • Memo - allows you to add a note to a material item

The system informs about exceeding the low status by changing the background color of the line on the list of materials for a given item. Additionally, the column: “Requested quantity” - shows the required quantity, and the column: “Quantity” - shows the current stock level. The method of visual information for the user is presented in the screenshot below: