Inventory purchases

The module records and stores material purchases made in the company. By indicating the material to be purchased, it increases its stock level in accordance with the data provided on the form.

In order to register the purchase of material in the system, go to the module by clicking “Materials” and then “Purchasing materials” available in the menu on the left. By clicking on the following form will be displayed on the screen:

Available fields to be completed:

  • Date - date of purchase
  • Vendor - contractor selling the purchased material
  • Invoice number - purchase document number
  • Memo - note for purchases made

Use the “Bill of materials” section to add material items. When you press the button, the form will be extended each time with new fields:

  • Material - indicates the material available in the material warehouse
  • Unit price - an amount specifying the purchase cost of a unit for the material. After selecting the target position in the “Material” field, the unit is displayed in the “Quantity” field - at the end of the line
  • Quantity - quantity of purchased material in a specific material unit

If the target material does not exist in the material warehouse, add it to the system. The button is used for this purpose. After pressing it, a new window will open with the material creation form:

  • Inventory name - material name added to the system
  • Barcode - a string of characters that will represent the material on the barcode label
  • Storage location - determines the storage location in the warehouse
  • Minimum threshold - sets the minimum state, thanks to which the system will inform the user accordingly when it is exceeded.
  • Quantity unit - unit in which the quantity is expressed: e.g. kilogram, running meter, etc.
  • Category - indicates the category to which the material is assigned. Categories are created within the administrative settings.
  • Memo - allows you to add a note to a material item