Inventory requests

The “Inventory requests” module is used for booking and informing about the material needs needed to fulfill orders or service actions. Access to the module is possible by clicking on “Inventory requests” in the “Inventory” menu. By clicking on , a form with the following fields will be displayed on the screen:

  • Date - the date of submitting the material requirement
  • Inventory - indicates the material available in the warehouse, which is related to the current material demand
  • Quantity - required quantity of the above-mentioned material
  • Assign to - allows you to assign the issued material to:
    • Employee
    • Project
    • Equipment service

If the target inventory does not exist in the inventory warehouse, add it to the system. The button is used for this purpose. After pressing it, a new window will open with the material creation form:

  • Category - indicates the category to which the material is assigned. Categories are created within the administrative settings.
  • Inventory name - material name added to the system
  • Barcode - a string of characters that will represent the material on the barcode label
  • Storage location - determines the storage location in the warehouse
  • Minimum threshold - sets the minimum state, thanks to which the system will inform the user accordingly when it is exceeded.
  • Quantity unit - unit in which the quantity is expressed: e.g. kilogram, running meter, etc.
  • Memo - allows you to add a note to a material item

The system stores the requirements added by users. At the same time, it loads and reserves the material within the material warehouse. As a result, in the list of materials, in the column “Requested quantity”, the amount of material required for the execution of orders is displayed.

If the current inventory of a given material item is too low or zero and does not allow for the execution of orders, it will be shaded with a color as shown in the screenshot below (on inventory list).

The status of the realization of a particular inventory request is specified in the “Full filled Quantity” column available on the list of required materials. The indicated value determines the amount of material spent for an employee or for an assigned project or equipment service. The implementation takes place through the module Inventory purchases


The condition for the correct settlement by the system is to indicate the correct position in the “Assign to” field on the material use form: employee, project or equipment service.