Inventory usages

The inventory usages module is used to assign the spent and used materials to the project, employee or equipment service. The system automatically charges the target recipient and helps to control the amount of materials issued for order fulfillment.

By clicking on “Inventory usages” in the “Materials” category available in the menu on the right, we will get a list of materials used for orders. To add a new item to the list, click the button. On the screen, we will receive a form to be completed along with the fields:

  • Date - the date the material was released from the warehouse
  • Inventory - list of materials issued
  • Quantity - quantity of materials issued
  • Assign to - allows you to assign the issued material to:
    • Worker's
    • Project
    • Equipment service

At the time of approval via the “Submit” button, the system will distribute the material along with a photo of the specified quantity from the state and assign it to an employee, project or equipment service - depending on the option selected on the form.


The condition for correct settlement by the system is to indicate the correct position in the “Assign to” field on the material use form: employee, project or equipment service, and then assign the appropriate record.