Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is a place to store information on many subject categories. It can be used to record information on how to solve problems, construction technology and other topics important from the point of view of the execution of orders. Each category can be assigned to users with specific roles in the system. This solution allows you to protect information against unauthorized persons.

IMPORTANT! It should be remembered that the structure of the “Knowledge Base” module has a tree structure - based on main categories and subcategories. When adding new records, pay attention to whether we are at the appropriate level of a category or subcategory. The page header below may be used for proper orientation.

To add a new category or subcategory, click the button. The system will display a form for creating a new category / subcategory.

  • Name - name of the new category
  • Restrict to roles - narrows the read and write permissions to selected user roles.

You can add threads at the level of the main category or subcategory. This is the purpose of the “Threads” section. To add a new record, click the button, a form for adding a new thread will be displayed along with the fields:

  • Title - Specifies the title of the thread
  • Description - an extensive text editor that allows you to add a precise description of the thread
  • Files - field for adding attachments

In each section of the knowledge base, it is possible to individually arrange the order of the list items. The handle marked in red is used for this in the screenshot below:

To move a row higher or lower in the list, we use the “drag and drop” method. Click and hold the left mouse button in the place indicated above and move to the target position. When you release the mouse button, the new position will be remembered by the system.