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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I check the stock level of a material in the system?

    You can check the stock level of a material in the “Warehouse -> List” section, where information about the available quantity, requested quantity, and the minimum level set for a given type of goods is visible.

  2. How can I set the service interval for equipment?

    You can set the service interval for equipment when adding new equipment in the “Equipment -> List” section. You have two options: service based on meter readings and service based on time.

  3. Can I import a resource list into the system?

    Yes, you do not have to manually enter each piece of equipment and material into the system. You can upload a properly prepared file with a database containing the company’s resources, as described here.

  4. What is the “minimum stock level”?

    It is a value that determines the quantity that should always be available in the warehouse as a so-called “safety buffer”. If the quantity of material falls below the set minimum value, the record will be marked in red on the list.

  5. How can I monitor service dates for equipment?

    Equipment that has exceeded the service interval, set when adding it to the equipment list, will be marked in red on the list.

  6. Does the system allow sending a request for quotation to the supplier electronically?

    Yes, a request for quotation can be sent to the supplier as an email if their address has been added to their contact in the system. Simply select the “Send request for quotation as an email” button in the request for quotation record preview, and the email address will fill in automatically.

  7. Can I send the same request for quotation to different suppliers?

    Yes, you can copy the request for quotation and send it to subsequent suppliers from the list. In the preview, select the “Copy” button, set a new supplier, and save the form. If there are to be more inquiries, create a new record for each by copying the previous one.

  8. How to add a material to the order that is not in the database?

    If you want to add a material that is not in the system database, use the green “Create” button, which will automatically add the material to the list without the need to close the currently displayed form.

  9. Can I use materials for which a collective invoice will be issued later from several deliveries?

    Yes, the ordered goods are added to the inventory list after being delivered by the supplier. There is no need to block materials until the collective invoice is issued; they can be used. For these materials, their purchase price is not entered into the system, only the quantity. After filling in the purchase prices based on the invoice, their cost will be included in the costs of the projects on which the expenditures were generated.

  10. How to change the order status to “Delivered”?

    Go to the “Materials -> Purchases” menu and select the order in which you want to change the status. Click the “View” button, then in the form select the “Delivered” status option and save the changes.

  11. How do I know that an order has not been invoiced?

    An uninvoiced order will have only one document name, e.g., delivery proof, and the “Total (Whole invoice)” field will remain unfilled. You can filter the purchase list by the invoice issuance status.

  12. Does the system remember the last purchase price of goods when creating estimates?

    Yes, the last entered purchase value of a given item will be automatically suggested in the next created estimate. This amount can always be changed.

  13. How do I know when a material is running out in the warehouse?

    Materials whose inventory level has fallen below the minimum value are highlighted in red on the inventory list.

  14. I need more material than is in stock, what should I do?

    Choose the available quantity and save the material expenditure, and for the missing quantity, create a record concerning the demand for the material.

  15. How can I define the amount of material if the consumption concerns a partial unit?

    If the material consumption concerns a partial unit, you will define this amount using a fractional value, specified in decimal form, e.g., 0.5 pieces, by entering it after the dot.

  16. How can I report a need for material that is not on the inventory list?

    If the material is not on the inventory list, first add it to the list, and then report the need for this material.

  17. What does it mean that the equipment requirement is assigned to a specific project or client?

    Assigning the equipment requirement to a specific project or client means that the notification concerns equipment needed for the implementation of a specific task or service, selected from the “Project” or “Client” records list.

  18. How can I specify the deadline by which my material or equipment requirement should be met?

    The deadline by which the material or equipment requirement should be met is specified in the requirement reporting form by filling in the “Needed by day” or “Equipment needed from day” field.

  19. What does the “Requested quantity” column in the “Warehouse -> List” menu records indicate?

    The “Requested quantity” column in the “Warehouse -> List” menu records shows the amount of material needed to complete the started orders for which a requirement has been reported.

  20. What, besides low inventory levels, might the records highlighted in red indicate?

    Records in which the quantity of material in stock is lower than the reported requirements are also highlighted in red.

  21. Is it possible to report a requirement for several materials or pieces of equipment at the same time using a single record in the system?

    No, each reported requirement can only concern one type of material or equipment per single record entered into the system. An employee needing several materials or pieces of equipment at the same time must enter each of them separately as a new record.

  22. How are material requirements that are assigned to an employee, service, and project registered in the system?

    For the employee and service, the requirement will be recorded as consumption (material expenditure). Assigned to the project, it will create a record with “Warehouse Transfer” with the status “Pending” (waiting for preparation and transportation).

  23. How will I know that a requirement request can be fulfilled?

    For records with requests where the quantity of materials is sufficient, a green “Fulfill” button is visible.

  24. Do I have to provide the exact name of the equipment I need?

    No, the equipment name does not have to be identical to the items found in the company’s warehouse. You can enter it freely. The employee responsible for fulfilling the requirements will appropriately select the equipment from those available in the warehouse.

  25. Why can’t I edit records on the list of requirement requests?

    Records with requirement requests for which their fulfillment has been initiated (partial or complete) cannot be edited. If you want to make changes in quantities, inform the person responsible for fulfilling the requests or create a new request.

  26. Where can I check how much of the employee’s reported requirement has not yet been fulfilled?

    If the quantity of material in the warehouse is not sufficient to fully fulfill the reported requirement, then the fulfillment of the requirement remains on the list of records “Partially fulfilled” with information about the quantity of items fulfilled so far.

  27. What to do if an employee is interested in specific equipment, but it is not available at the moment?

    You should check the return date on the “Rental Register” list and inform the employee when it could be available for rental.

  28. What should be done if the person renting the equipment does not belong to any of the groups of employees or subcontractors?

    If the person renting the equipment does not belong to any of the groups of employees or subcontractors, you can enter their details in the field “Other -> Who is responsible”.

  29. What to do if the equipment is already rented out or is in service, and I want to rent it?

    You must report your demand for it. After it is returned to the equipment warehouse, your request can only then be processed by the person responsible for the allocation and rental of equipment.

  30. How to check the location of the rental of a type of equipment, e.g., drills?

    The location of a specific type of equipment can be checked by reviewing all records in the “Equipment -> Rental Register” section, entering its name in the “Search” field.

  31. Can I rent more than one piece of equipment to an employee at a time?

    Yes, you can rent several pieces of equipment at the same time by using the “Issue several pieces of equipment at once” button, which is available above the list in the “Equipment -> Rental Register” menu. Just select the names of the equipment from the list for the “Equipment” field and save the form.

  32. Do I have to return all the equipment at the same time?

    No, you can report extensions for the return dates for each rented piece of equipment, as each of them is recorded in the system as a separate record.

  33. What is the source warehouse and the target warehouse visible during the creation of a warehouse transfer?

    The source warehouse is defined as the place from which the needed material will be taken, while the target warehouse indicates the place to which the material from the source warehouse will be transported.

  34. How can I check how much material should be available that I want to report for a warehouse transfer?

    Next to the material name visible on the dropdown list in the “Stock Position” field, the quantity is specified in parentheses, which should be in the source warehouse during the creation of the warehouse transfer.

  35. Can I report the collection of all materials from a project that has ended?

    Yes, when creating a warehouse transfer, specify the source warehouse with the name of the project from which you want the unused material to be taken. Using the “New” button, add all the visible stock positions from the list in turn, entering the number from the parenthesis in the “Quantity” field.

  36. Why is changing the statuses of warehouse movements important in the system?

    Changing the statuses of warehouse movements is important in the system because it allows tracking the progress and current state of each goods movement. This ensures better control over the warehouse and transparency in monitoring the history of material movement.

  37. How can I change the status of a warehouse movement in the system?

    To change the status of a warehouse movement, open the list of entries in the “Warehouse -> Movements” menu and click on the name of the current status at the selected record and make the change to a new status.

  38. What is the difference between the ways of describing the state of the counter, defining “whole” and “part” of equipment usage?

    ”Whole” refers to the full counter state recorded at the time of the equipment return. “Part,” on the other hand, is the value corresponding to the difference between the counter state on the day of return and the counter state on the day of its rental, i.e., it specifies the specific unit that was used for the rental period.

  39. Is just submitting a request to defer the return of equipment enough to be able to return the equipment at a later date?

    No, just submitting an application is not enough to extend the return date. The application must be accepted and only after changing its status to “Approved” will it be possible to return it at a later date.

  40. Why do I have to return the equipment if I have submitted a request for deferral?

    Most likely, the person responsible for accepting applications has not yet reviewed your application or has not agreed to change the return date.

  41. How will I know that the equipment has not been returned?

    Exceeding the equipment return date will be marked in red on the “Rental Register” list. Unreturned equipment will always have a “Return” button in the “Return Date” field. You can also add a widget on your dashboard with items requiring return.

  42. How is equipment receipt recorded in the system?

    Employees responsible for receiving equipment receive information on when and where they should collect the equipment. Depending on the situation, they may bring it back the same day or another. When the equipment returns to the equipment warehouse, only then are they finally relieved of the responsibility for its possession. More about the method of registering equipment receipts can be found here.

  43. The equipment did not return to the target warehouse, how to check who was responsible for its receipt and delivery to the company?

    Filter the list of records in the “Equipment -> Receipt” menu using the “Received - in delivery to warehouse” option. Information on who and when received the equipment is visible for the selected item.

  44. What to do if after logging into the mobile application on a phone or tablet, in the “Equipment -> Receipt” menu I do not see the “Scan barcode” button?

    Check the browser settings to see if the “Desktop version” option has been marked. If it is enabled, uncheck it.

  45. What conditions must be met to be able to use the function of reading labels (barcodes) for equipment receipt?

    The user must be logged into the system on a mobile device (tablet or phone) and have the appropriate program installed that supports scanning codes.

  46. How can I tell that the equipment has not been returned from service?

    Simply apply a filter on the “Equipment -> Warehouse” list with variables “Expected return date has already passed” or “Equipment in service”.

  47. How to account for the use of warehouse material that was used for service repair?

    In the equipment return form from service, for the field “Material from our warehouse was used for service” select the material from the list and specify its quantity using the “New” button. The used material will be recorded as an expenditure.

  48. How can I change the quantities of materials on the inventory list that were generated automatically by the system?

    There is an edit button next to each material - use it to modify the quantity in stock.