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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I set up my company’s logo to be visible in the system?

    You can set up your company’s logo in the admin panel in the “General Settings” section. You can set a logo for both the collapsed and expanded menu for which specific graphic file sizes have been determined.

  2. How can I import data into the system?

    Prepare the data in the correct format and use the data import function, the order of which has been described in more detail here. Thanks to the data import, you can quickly and easily fill in data in selected system sections.

  3. Which system sections can I import, and which can I not?

    The system allows you to import data only into the groups: “Contacts”, “Companies”, “Equipment”, and “Materials Warehouse”. In these groups, statistically, there may be the most data to import.

  4. How will I know that the data import has been completed?

    Every correctly imported data file will receive a “Completed” status on the list of imported records. If you do not set the column mapping correctly, the system will not allow the import to be performed. You can find more about the import process here.

  5. How do I create a user account in the system?

    To create a user account, go to the “CRM -> Employees” menu, enter the employee on the list and mark their employment in the company in the “HR” tab. Then you will be able to create a user account for the system according to the scheme described here.

  6. What are the differences between “Public”, “Public, read-only”, and “Private” permissions when creating records?

    ”Public” permissions allow anyone with the appropriate system permissions to edit, delete, and view such a record. “Public, read-only” allows only viewing without the ability to edit or delete them. “Private” permissions mean that records are visible only to the author, protecting them from other users.

  7. How to assign an employee role in the system?

Go to user editing and set the expected roles for them. System roles (default) are synchronized with employee contact groups, so while editing an employee’s profile in the “General” tab, you can also select the group names they should belong to, and in this way, you will also change their roles. You can assign an employee to many groups/roles at the same time.

  1. I want to set user access to the system for a specific time, how do I do that?

    Simply specify a specific date in the “Account Expiration” field when creating a user account.

  2. What is the “User Activity History” for?

    ”User Activity History” allows you to track which users made changes, when it was, and in which system records. Additionally, thanks to sorting records on the list, you can quickly find the entry you are interested in. You can read more about the functionality of “User Activity History” here.

  3. How to create note categories and control access to them?

    You can create note categories according to the scheme described here. After creating a category, you can specify in the forms which user roles can have access to them. This will ensure the protection of the content of notes from unauthorized persons.

  4. Why can’t I delete a selected note category name from the list available?

    You cannot delete a category if at least one association with it has been recorded in the system, i.e., there is a note using this category.

  5. Can I skip approval steps when creating document categories?

    No, for each type of document entered into the system, it is necessary to define at least one approval step.

  6. Can I remove a group of companies to which one contact I no longer need is assigned?

    No, if you assign even one contact to a given group of companies, you will not be able to remove this group from the list. You can only deactivate the display of its name on the list of available company group names in the future.

  7. Why is the employment department I created not visible on the selectable list when creating an account for a user in the system?

    Make sure that you have marked the department as active in the other system sections. You can find more on this topic here.

  8. Can I specify different operating costs for equipment belonging to the same category of equipment?

    You cannot enter operating costs for each piece of equipment separately. Equipment entered into one category should have an averaged common value that determines its degree of wear and tear. If you want to change this, create a new category name for those pieces of equipment where the degree of wear differs from the rest on the current list.

  9. I have several warehouses where building materials are stored. Can I add other storage locations in the system and in which sections might they be useful?

    Yes, you can mark additional storage locations in the system according to the description contained here. These additional places will prove useful in all sections related to the Warehouse department. Thanks to this, you will be able to:

    • place and store goods in locations where there is more available space,

    • register the consumption and demand for materials, regardless of their storage location,

    • more efficiently carry out the inventory process, as the quantity of goods will be concentrated in one warehouse,

    • make easy warehouse transfers in case of transporting goods between different storage locations.

  10. I want to change the work assignment for an employee for tomorrow. Will they receive a notification?

    Yes, an employee using the mobile application will receive a notification about the change in work assignment if they have already received a notification for the assignment for tomorrow sent with one day’s notice. If they have not yet received a notification, they will receive it only once at the selected time. You can set the time at which such notifications are sent in the planner settings named “Notification sending time” - more information is available here.

  11. Can I control an employee’s presence at work, their time of presence, and location in relation to the assigned task?

    Yes, if you configure the appropriate alerts, described in detail here. For all employees using the mobile app, an entry related to their presence will be recorded.

  12. How can defining categories of weather-independent problems be useful to me?

    Precisely defining potential construction problems that are beyond our control can be useful in case of disputes. It constitutes significant evidence in the event of non-fulfillment of contract conditions, such as deadlines or material quality, which could result in a penalty. If we can prove that our company is not to blame for the current situation, we can avoid contractual penalties.

  13. What does the concept of “Estimation accuracy and work progress” refer to when creating visit categories?

    ”Estimation accuracy and work progress” in the visit category refers to the assessment of the precision of the initial cost estimates and monitoring the compliance of work progress with the original time and budget plan of a specific construction project. An employee designated as a visitor will be required to provide answers in the system to questions regarding this assessment.

  14. Can every project be submitted for inspection?

    Yes, every project, regardless of its status, can be submitted for inspection.

  15. Can I customize dashboards for users performing the same roles in the system?

    Yes, it is possible to configure dashboards with identical applets for users with the same roles. However, this must be done before creating users with those roles or you must edit existing dashboards for selected users.

  16. Can users edit applets on their dashboard?

    Yes, after logging into their account, users can edit applets and change their settings.

  17. Can I customize applets on the dashboard for a specific user?

Yes, in special cases it is possible to customize the desktop applets for a selected user. To do this, you need to go to the desktop editing of the selected user and adjust the applets on it.

  1. What will be visible if I don’t place the company logo graphics in the global settings?

    If you do not add the company logo graphics in the global settings, the system will display the default logo in those places.