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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I create an account on

    You can create an account on by clicking on the link located on the page and filling out the registration form along with accepting the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

  2. Where can I find a discount code?

    Discount codes, allowing you to take advantage of a discount - are provided on our social media and on the pages of our partners.

  3. How do I change the password for my account?

    You can change the password for your account at any time by selecting the “Settings” drop-down tab visible in the upper right corner of the administrative panel screen. You can read more about this here.

  4. What should I do if I forgot my password?

    Use the password reset function, which has been described in detail here. You will receive a link to reset your current password to the email address provided during registration.

  5. What should I do if the password reset link expires?

    If the link expires, use the password reset function again. Remember that this link is only active for one hour.

  6. What is two-step verification and is it necessary?

    Two-step verification is an additional level of security in the authentication process, aimed at increasing the security of the user’s account. In the standard login process, the user only enters their username and password. In the case of two-step verification, after correctly entering this data, the user must additionally confirm their identity with a second dynamically generated password, e.g., a code delivered by SMS or a temporary password generated by a dedicated application. Although two-step verification is not necessary, it is strongly recommended, especially for accounts containing important or sensitive information. It acts as an additional protective barrier, even if the user’s password has been intercepted or compromised. If you use online services that offer two-step verification, it is worth enabling it for an additional layer of security.

  7. How can I use the data import feature in

    To use the data import feature, you must be able to export data from the program you are currently using. Prepare a data file in *.CSV or *.XLSX format and go to the data import module in the Admin → Import menu. More information about the data import process can be found here.

  8. How to prepare a file for import?

    The data file you plan to upload to the system must be carefully prepared. The system importer supports the following file types: *.CSV; *.XLSX. Make sure the table contains all the required columns and their names are given in the first row.

  9. What file types does the Importer support?

    The Importer supports files in *.CSV and *.XLSX formats, whose detailed meaning is as follows:

    CSV (*.CSV):

    • The CSV format is a text file in which data is stored as text, and values in each row are separated by a delimiter, most often a comma.
    • Each row represents a single record, and the columns in that row are separated by the delimiter.
    • CSV is widely used, easy to understand, and supported by many programs and tools.

    XLSX (*.XLSX):

    • The XLSX format is a file format used by Microsoft Excel to store spreadsheets.
    • The XLSX file is also supported by other office suites, such as Libre Office, Open Office, etc.

    Both formats are commonly used to store tabular data and are easily processed by various applications.

  10. What data groups can I import into the system?

    The system allows data import only to the groups: ‘Contacts’, ‘Companies’, ‘Equipment’, and ‘Materials Warehouse’. These are the target groups where statistically the number of records can be extensive, which significantly shortens the time spent on manually entering data into the system.

  11. Can I import data to multiple groups at the same time?

You cannot import data belonging to different system groups at the same time. This is related to the column mapping process which you can read more about here.

  1. What if the import file does not contain all the required columns?

    It will be necessary to correct the import file and add the missing columns.

  2. How to check the status of the imported file?

    Successfully imported files will receive a “Completed” status on the record list. A record with this status will not be editable.

  3. Is it possible to undo data import?

    If the import file has been correctly uploaded to the system, it is not possible to undo the import with the submitted data. In case of an error, it will be necessary to manually correct them or interrupt the file upload process.

  4. How can the remaining data be imported into the system?

    You can use the application’s API, but this requires programming knowledge. Please contact us.

  5. Does the software work with other applications?

    Yes, has integrations with various applications, which allows for free data exchange. This functionality makes it easy to adapt the program to the existing software ecosystem in your company. Please contact us for details.

  6. What data security does the system guarantee?

    Our software offers comprehensive data security, including encryption, user authentication, meticulous permission management, regular backups, and other measures aimed at ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data.

  7. Does the software offer technical support?

    Yes, we provide technical support for our software. Our team of specialists is available to provide assistance, solve problems, and answer any questions regarding features and use of the program. You can always use the active chat available in the lower right corner of the screen.

  8. Will the data entered during an interrupted configuration process be saved after logging in again?

    Yes, you will be able to continue the configuration without losing previously entered data.

  9. How can I tell how many configuration steps are left to complete?

    After each completed step, a percentage of the configuration completion will be displayed, indicating the remaining amount to be completed.

  10. Can I go back to previous configuration steps after logging in again, or is the process linear?

    Yes, the system allows you to go back one step. After logging in again, the current step to be performed will appear on the dashboard, with information about the last step performed and the possibility of editing it. After completing the entire configuration process, go to the selected sections in the admin menu and make changes there if necessary.

  11. How can I set myself as the project manager?

    To set yourself as the project manager, click “Go to edit your contact” and select “Project Manager” in the “Groups” field.

  12. How can I create a user account for a new employee?

    To create a user account for a new employee, go to the “Create User” tab after changing the employee’s status to “Employed”. The order for this change has been described here.

  13. Why can’t the functions of the Foreman and Estimator be turned off in the system?

    The Foreman and Estimator function cannot be turned off because it is necessary to have at least one entry for these contact groups in the system. These are important roles in the system that must be present for the system to function correctly in terms of project and contract management.

  14. What does assigning values to fields starting with the word “default” mean?

    Assigning values to fields starting with the word “default” means that the names of records in the system will automatically be filled with entries specified in the form, e.g., in the “Estimator” field, it will always be Jan Kowalski.